5Th EUROPEAN ECOTOURISM CONFERENCE 10-14 September, Tbilisi, Georgia

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European Ecotourism Network Common attitude towards Sustainable tourism

The Fifth European Ecotourism Conference

In the era of climate change and an increasing number of eco migrants, the international community is focusing on conservation of nature. In spite of the multiple changes and shocks – from man-made crises, to natural disasters and economic crises from which the world is still recovering – tourism has always bounced back, proving its resilience and capacity to rebound.

Europe’s diverse landscapes, vital to rural economies and attractive for tourists, are changing as a result of climate change and the negative impact of unsustainable human behaviour. One of the current challenges is ensuring tourism sustainability that contributes positively to the 2030 Agenda. Tourism has the potential to contribute, directly or indirectly, to all of the 17 United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals. A clear implementation framework, adequate financing, and investments in technology, infrastructure and human resources are required to achieve this agenda.

EuroEco 2018 is the 5th European Ecotourism Conference that will be held in Tbilisi, Georgia from 10th to 14th September 2018. The conference will be focused on the advancement of sustainability goals in the tourism industry worldwide. EuroEco 2018 invites innovative minds to share ideas and solutions from all over the world for inspiring future changes. The three-day conference will include sessions and panel discussions about Ecotourism and its contribution to poverty reduction, Ecotourism and education of future tourism managers, digital storytelling, transboundary trails and cooperation, Protected Areas as drive for economic development, and climate change & European Ecotourism.

The conference mission is to offer invaluable learning and networking opportunities, to share information and successes, and to provide a platform for stakeholders including researchers, academics and tourism professionals to present their ecotourism research and case studies. We will discuss the challenges facing ecotourism with international partners, and exchange ideas, opportunities and solutions for the sustainable tourism industry.

Tourism Toward 2030 highlights that along with the opportunity, challenges arise in maximizing economic, social and environmental benefits and minimizing negative impacts. In other words, all tourism development needs to be guided by the principles of sustainable development, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities.

Join us in Tbilisi to:

  • Get the latest information on approaches and good practice in Ecotourism
  • Meet and learn from respected professionals in the field of sustainable development
  • Participate in setting the direction for Ecotourism development in Europe
  • Get inspiration globally and take the opportunity to network and meet new partners

  • Call for papers & Speakers

    Ecotourism as instrument for poverty reduction and its role in the circular economy

    Ecotourism in the digital century – digital storytelling, virtual travel itineraries

    Ecotourism in the education of future tourism managers

    Transboundary trails and cooperation’s in Ecotourism – Eco-corridors

    Ecotourism Destinations - Protected Areas as for economic development

    Climate change & European Ecotourism: impacts, challenges and solutions

    Ecotourism business models – successful examples

    Eco labeling for sustainable tourism

    Post Conference Tours


    Turtle lake tour

    • Date: 11 September
    • Route duration: 3 hours
    • Route length: 3.9 km



    Discovering Kvemo Kartli Region

    • Date: 13 September
    • Route duration: One day
    • Route length: 220 km

    100 GEL


    Samegrelo and Adjara Protected Areas

    • Date: 13-14 September
    • Route duration: Two day
    • Route length: 870 km

    300 GEL