Development of ecotourism products

Our organization promotes the development of ecotourism products focused on the protection of nature and culture.

Tourist product – is a combination of what tourists do and the services and roles they use. That is, everything that a tourist pays for is a tourist product. In such a touristically active country, such as Georgia, there are many such products, but this does not mean that their quality is in line with the standards or represents our country at the international level. In order for the tourism sector in Georgia to meet high standards, it is important to develop a complex tourist product, from the initial stage, to attract the right customers. Considering the fact that ecotourism is one of the most active types of tourism, quite profitable and based on the principles of sustainable development, our organization tries to promote the creation of an ecotourism product. which improves the socio-economic situation of local communities, raises awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and cultural heritage, and develops a regional cross-border ecotourism network.

Projects implemented within the program: