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Open Strategy


We are starting to create an ecotourism certification standard

Georgian Ecotourism Association at ITB

Statement of the Georgian Ecotourism Association regarding the draft laws on “Transparency of Foreign Influence” and “Registration of the Act of Foreign Agent”

Current projects

Development of agro and gastronomic tourism products in the municipality of Mestia

Development of the general plan for the development of Mtirala mountain and the village of Korolistavi

Promotion of green tourism in Tvish and Khvanchkara microzones through the creation of a complex tourist product

About Us

Vision and Purpose

The aim of the association is to develop and popularize ecological tourism products in the country, which is focused on environmental protection and conservation, preserving the authentic environment, which is the main motive for ecotourists’ trips. It will also bring long-term socio-economic prosperity to the local population and industry.

Our contribution to the development of ecotourism

The Georgian Ecotourism Association is the first organization in the country that started to establish ecotourism as one of the branches of tourism in Georgia, raised awareness and promoted the creation of tourism products. The Ecotourism Association helps small and medium-sized entrepreneurs develop ecotourism products, thereby significantly contributing to the improvement of their socio-economic background. We also take part in the development of cross-border tourism, we cooperate with neighboring countries in the direction of ecotourism.



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Ilia Okromelidze

Executive Director

Natalia Bakhtadze-Englander
Nata Robitashvili
Program Manager

Nino Tigishvili

Project Manager

George Dakuzashvili

Project manager

Tengiz Tsertsvadze

Project Coordinator

Mari Dgebuadze

Project Coordinator

Lamara Makhasyan

Project Coordinator

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