Development of hiking trails

 Many trails have been researched, designed and infrastructurally maintained by the Georgian Ecotourism Association

Ecotourism is unthinkable without protected areas and natural landscapes.  Hiking trails, both inside and outside protected areas, are one of the important ecotourism products. Like all products, hiking trails also need branding tools (name, awareness, packaging, etc.) and compliance with established standards for safety. 
Our organization is one of the main participants in the introduction of hiking trail marking standards in Georgia. And one of the few who have the right to do it.  

marking of paths  It is not a part of aesthetic beauty, but an important tool for orientation and safe movement on the route. Safety is one of the important factors when making a travel decision.  We  We are constantly familiarizing ourselves with modern standards and trying to introduce them to improve the hiking trails, because our main goal is to protect the natural resources of Georgia, therefore it is most important that the means of arranging the trails do less harm to it.

Projects implemented within the program