Research of ecotourism trails around Korolistavi village and Mtirala mountain

Georgian Ecotourism Association completed the research of new ecotourism routes around Korolistavi village and Mtirala mountain. The research document was prepared within the framework of the project “Development of the general plan for the development of Mtirala and Korolistavi village” financed by the United Nations Development Program. As a result of the research, 4 routes were finally identified:

  1. Night Trail – Misty Forest Night Adventure
  2. Cognitive-adventure trail – Kolkhi forest layers
  3. Interpreted Trail – Walnut Pickers’ Trail
  4. Hiking trail – circular route of Mtirala mountain and Korolistavi village

that the routes are of easy and medium category according to difficulty. In addition, most of the routes are located in the bordering area of the Mtirala National Park, in the territory of the village of Korolistavi or directly pass through the Mtirala National Park.

In the route selection process, the opinions of the local population and the administration of Mtirala National Park were of decisive importance, the main component of which was the creation of new trails directly in the village of Korolistavi and its vicinity.