Development of a tourist destination

The tourist site development program involves the complex development and management of the area taking into account the principles of sustainable tourism.

Georgia is a country with great resources. Each region is rich in, both tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

Unfortunately, tourism’s rapid pace growth, often endangers creates these unique and authentic resources. High demand requires high supply, which is often the reason for rapid and poor development. That is why the systematic planned development and management of the place is important to maintain sustainability.

The goal of our organization is to use internationally tested, modern approaches in the projects it implements and to create a strategic development plan for each tourist destinationand project area, Each lis a prerequisite for sustainability. 

We can proudly mention a fewprojectsimplemented by us l /KAT”>eect, as evidence,  how important systematic development and standards are for creating high-quality products and how good results can be achieved with such an approach.

 projects implemented within the program