Improving the capacity of the local community of the Uraveli valley through the development of tourism products

The Georgian Ecotourism Association is implementing a project that involves the development of new ecotourism products in the Uraveli river valley.
Within the framework of the project, all interested parties will be identified and their involvement in the project development process will be ensured. In addition, new tourist products will be created, which will be developed based on the assessment of the natural and cultural heritage monuments in the valley and the identification of local tourism service providers.
Beneficiaries of the project will be provided with training and individual consultations, which will improve the knowledge of local stakeholders on important issues of the tourism sector and sustainable tourism planning.
The activities of the project envisage the creation of the first geological tourist route in the Caucasus. The route will be prepared in consultation with the administration of “Narodni Geopark Barandien” and the appropriate infrastructure will be arranged.
The project is implemented with the financial support of the Czech Embassy, within the framework of the cooperation program for the development of local small-scale projects and with the co-financing of the Georgian Ecotourism Association.