Development of the general plan for the development of Mtirala mountain and the village of Korolistavi

Georgian Ecotourism Association, together with partner organizations, implements the project “Development of the general plan for the development of Mount Mtirala and the village of Korolistavi” financed by the United Nations Development Program.

The development plan is developed based on primary and secondary research and analysis, which is discussed and agreed upon with stakeholders, especially the local community.  

The overall goal of the project is to help the Department of Tourism of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara  In determining the development of possible ecotourism products in the area of Mtirala mountain and Korolistavi village. Specifically, should

Determine an integrated and detailed master plan for the development of Mtirala and Korolistavi village, which aligns aspects of ecotourism, rural tourism and sustainability with income generation opportunities and sustainable management of the protected area. The master plan should reflect mechanisms for balancing visitor flow and behavior with the conservation objectives set for the protected area.

The partners of the Georgian Ecotourism Association in the mentioned project are both international and local organizations. The leading organization of the project is the company “Cityförster architecture+urbanism”, the following organizations participate in the implementation of the project together with the Georgian Ecotourism Association: