1. Okhera inhabited rock

Inhabited village Okhera is located in village Minadze. on a high hill on the left side of Uravli valley, Near the St. Okhera George’s Church. In the opening of the access road to the church (probably cut by the equipment to widen the carriageway during the rehabilitation of the road), a powerful cultural layer and the remnants of a large cobblestone wall can be seen. There, a large amount of ceramic material can be found in the collapsed soil following the trench.
Minadze Church is located in the village of Minadze, in the territory of abandoned village Okhera. The buildings are made of well-hewn tuff stone and flat stone. Wine-colored stone tiles are used as the face stone of the church. covered with lorfin. The entrance door to the church is cut in the western wall. The interior of the church is lit by one window cut into each of the four walls. The floor is made of stone tiles. The frame is modern and made of wood. The church has been restored.

Middle Eocene, pillow lavas of basaltic composition