Survey of green tourism suppliers in Tvish and Khvanchkar microzones

The Georgian Ecotourism Association carried out the initial works planned within the scope of the project “Promotion of green tourism in Tvish and Khvanchkara microzones through the creation of a complex tourist product”, which meant the research of the tourism sector in Kvanchkara and Tvish microzones and the study of their potential.
The research included two stages. At the first stage, secondary research was carried out, for which various sources were used: databases of the National Tourism Administration of Georgia and Saxstat, online tourist platforms, Google map, etc.
Primary research in the target area of the project was conducted based on unified databases. The field team visited entrepreneurs who were not registered in the provided databases or on the Google map, but were identified with the help of locals. A total of 59 tourism service providers were evaluated during the field research.
In the next stage of the project, it is planned to conduct training modules for identified tourism service providers and create a wine tourism route.
The project is implemented with the financing of the official development assistance program of the Slovak Republic, with the support of “Regional Development Agency Senec-Pezinok (RDA SP)”, in partnership with the Slovakia-Georgia Chamber of Commerce and Industry.